Thursday, October 15, 2015

When Jeremy Corbyn claimed the Wrekin for socialism

Photo by Sabine J Hutchinson
In the Shropshire Star Peter Harrison, who was chairman of Wrekin Young Socialists when Jeremy Corbyn was secretary, recalls an escapade of the Labour leader:
"We used to meet in the Raven in Wellington where there were a series of old rooms, and the landlord allowed us to use one of them. We were all young and idealistic people, pretty much as Jeremy is now. We were drinking and it was May Day the following day, and asking what we were going to do to celebrate, and next thing you know one said, 'Why not go up The Wrekin and plant the red flag?'
"If I remember correctly one of them made the red flag and we took it to the top of The Wrekin and tied it to the trig point and we all sang the Red Flag and came down, and went to the Raven and had a few more pints."
He also pays Mr Corbyn a rather backhanded compliment:
"I knew him when we were 18 or 19, and his views have not changed. We are talking about the thick end of 50 years ago."

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