Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Six of the Best 543

"It seems to me that the Left's narrative about neoliberalism is too naive to overcome it - it understands none of the appeal of its original ideas. It is somewhat vacuous - a fairy tale about nasty people overturning the great and enlightened Keynesian consensus of 1945." David Boyle says it is time for Liberals to read Hayek again.

Jonathan Fryer reviews a new biography of the Soviet spy Guy Burgess.

"[Joe] Orton’s ‘gutter’ was not the brutal and bustling industrial landscape of the North, but the drab monotony of a comfortable city whose council housing reflected its unimaginative mediocrity." Municipal Dreams on the history of Leicester's Saffron Lane Estate.

Morgan Jeffery asks if Doctor Who is in crisis.

"La Shrubsole ... is, in the parlance of the men’s game, quite a “Big Unit”, but light on her feet with an attractive habit of placing herself in the field by skipping from side to side, with her hands extended horizontally, as though dancing to a rendition of 'Nymphs and Shepherds Come Away' only she can hear." Backwatersman bids farewell to the 2015 cricket season and incidentally explains a famous quotation from F. Scott Fitzgerald.

A London inheritance climbs the Caledonian Park Clock Tower.

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