Friday, November 20, 2015

Ambitious Liberal Democrats circle our most promising seats

Back in September I blogged about Liberator's take on the row between Tony Greaves and Liberal Democrat Voice.

Members of the Lib Dem Voice queued up to comment, but it was all a bit gnomic and I am not sure we were much better informed when they had.

The good news is that peace has broken out and Tony Greaves is writing for Lib Dem Voice - on an almost daily basis.

I imagine him and the editorial team running through flower-filled meadows hand in hand.

The best gossip in the new Liberator concerns the people who have their eyes on some of the more promising seats for ambitious Lib Dems:
Richmond may soon be the scene of a by-election if Tory incumbent Zac Goldsmith is either elected mayor of London or sticks to his pledge to resign if a third Heathrow runway is permitted. 
With last May's candidate Robin Meltzer having decided not to stand again, flocks of Lib Dems are circling, some from as far afield as Guildford. 
Next door in Twickenham, which Vince Cable almost held, a similar effect can be seen.
Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceAnd then there are Yeovil and Sheffield Hallam... But to find out who has their eyes on those you will have to buy the magazine.

You can subscribe to Liberator via its website.


Unknown said...

Flower filled meadow? Pass the sick bag....

I actually think Tony might agree with me on that, too, but I wouldn't want to assume anything.

Unknown said...

Also, why has my Liberator not arrived yet? I am actually desperate to read this one..

Jonathan Calder said...

My copy arrived this morning, so I hope yours will arrive tomorrow.

I am sure I am right about the meadow.