Friday, November 13, 2015

Six of the Best 551

"This new phenomenon seems to be sweeping the party at present and it is a great vehicle for introducing new members in particular to the other activists in their area in an informal way and without being tied down by agendas and ‘matters arising from previous minutes’ which can sometimes seem tedious and offputting for energetic new members keen to get involved in hands on activity and lively discussion about policy." Dawud Islam praises 'Lib Dem Pint'.

Teddy Wayne on the rise of the microcomplaint.

A Clerk of Oxford re-examines a story every schoolboy used to know: "It's ironic that Cnut's name has today become a byword for vainly trying to hold back the tide of events, because no one was better than Cnut at recognising which way the tide was flowing and taking advantage of it."

What became of Medieval America? Brianna Nofil and Jake Purcell find out.

"In County level age-group cricket i.e. Under 11s to Under 14s (and perhaps even Under 15s) spin bowlers are far more dangerous than ‘seamers’ and ‘swingers’." Down at Third Man explains what then goes wrong.

Sarah Miller Walters celebrates the career of Thorley Walters - Tufty Thessinger in the BBC's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

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