Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sandi Thom should walk to Market Harborough

From The Herald:
Scots singer Sandi Thom has claimed that Radio 2 will not play her new record because the BBC is anti-Scottish. 
Thom posted an emotional, expletive-ridden rant on Facebook that went viral on Wednesday after the station refused to play her new single Earthquake. 
The Banff singer songwriter has now claimed that the BBC does not represent Scottish artists. 
She told STV’s Scotland Tonight: “This week on the Radio 2 playlist, there are no Scottish artists. This is not due to a lack of talent coming from Scotland. There is a massive bias in the BBC network, not just Radio 2, against Scottish artists.”
It happens that there is a well-established procedure for Scottish artists who think themselves undervalued. I gave an example of it from 1963 in a post here a few years ago:
The Mark Five, featuring Manny Charlton who later plays in Nazareth, walk from Edinburgh to London, hitching a ride whenever photographers were not present. The walk is a publicity stunt to protest about the lack of record companies coming to Scotland to see Scottish bands, and a ploy to demand a record deal. 
They are met in Market Harborough by a record company executive and offered a contract.
So the answer is clear, Sandi. Get your walking boots on and we'll see you in Harborough.

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Paul Mcvitty said...

Except of course Sandi Thom forgot to mention she had already been playlisted on numerous Radio Stations and her outburst was about Radio2 , Plus she IS signed to a record label and has been for quite some time.
She still played to 1/2 empty room this evening in Worthing despite downgrading the venue to a much smaller room after Tickets failed to sell., Her forthcoming Gig In Brighton was postponed all together for the same reason. Sometimes even an all out publicity Stunt isn't enough to save a drowning artist.