Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Bridge Hotel, Sutton Bridge, has been demolished

For some unaccountable reason I had long had the ambition to visit Sutton Bridge in Lincolnshire. I finally got there in 2009 on the day England won back the Ashes.

The most impressive structure in the town was the Crosskeys Bridge, but after that it was the Bridge Hotel.

It was standing empty in 2009 and today I came across a Spalding Guardian report suggesting it was demolished this summer:
Demolition work has begun on a former Sutton Bridge hotel. 
Workmen were spotted on the Bridge Hotel site on Sunday clearing copper piping from inside and they were on the roof on Wednesday removing the lead tiles.

The pictures here were taken on that day in 2009. The one below shows the rear of the Bridge Hotel from the far side of the Nene.


Gawain said...

Not a desperately impressive building, though I can imagine it was quite a local landmark.

LincolnshireMiniOwners said...

It wasn't being demolished on that date and is still standing in September 2020, MINUS it's copper piping, lead, floorboards, roof slates and more which were actually being STOLEN by thieves blatant enough to work in broad daylight with hi viz vests and hard hats. Plenty of people saw them yet nobody batted an eyelid as these expensive items were lifted. Not one person thought to jot down their van registration plates. Everyone trusted them whereas had they snook in under the cover of darkness, plenty would have reported their vans. Now the deep fabric of the building has gone, all hope of it reopening was snatched away. Here is a lesson to all not to turn a blind eye. If someone is ever doing something like this, ask who authorised it, who owns the property, ask to see a job sheet and if you are suspicious, call the police. The police may not come BUT it may be enough to see off any crooks. I assume the copper and lead was melted down for big money and the floorboards and slates probably sold to a 'reclamation yard'... it may even be people on behalf of a crooked reclamation yard who stripped the hotel. It's disturbing that nobody said anything. Back in my childhood days if walking with my dad, he'd say hello to anyone and everyone and would often ask what people were upto. Sadly people scurry on by nowadays,not looking at others and certainly not talking to them. Let's hope lessons will be learned by those small few who read this.

Jonathan Calder said...

Thanks for the update.

Martin Brookes @oakhamuk said...

Here is the latest news article:

Jonathan Calder said...

Thank you, Martin. I'd like to photograph those ruins one day.