Wednesday, November 11, 2015

London Liberal Democrats to oppose curbs on Uber

Those of us outside London have been viewing the rise of Uber with mounting indifference.

But I gather this story in the Evening Standard may be significant:
Lib-Dems are set to challenge key parts of Boris Johnson’s plan to rein in Uber. 
The party will vote on a motion to oppose measures which include banning the minicab-hailing firm from showing the location of available cars in its app and making private-hire customers wait five minutes between booking a car and setting off. 
Caroline Pidgeon, the Lib-Dem candidate for mayor, said: “It makes no sense to make a passenger wait to get a cab if they can see the cab waiting for them there.”
It seems economic liberalism lives on in the party.

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Hywel said...

I think its bit OTT to say that objecting to a (bizarre) rule that cabs can't arrive within 5 minutes and if they do they have to wait is economic liberalism!

Outside London there are other black cab firms using hailing apps - and really they are only a slicker varation on "ring the cab on the mobile and have them ring you back when they are outside"