Sunday, November 08, 2015

Hear Professor Paul Burstow on "A psychologically minded NHS"

Members of Parliament who lose their seats can struggle. It is not easy to find a new career in middle age.

Someone who is clearly not struggling is Paul Burstow, former care minister and, until earlier this year, MP for Sutton and Cheam.

On Thursday 19 November he is giving his inaugural lecture as Professor of Health and Social Care in the division of Health Services Research and Management in the School of Health Sciences, City University London.

He will be speaking on "A psychologically minded NHS: Key to a collaborative and sustainable NHS?"

The City University page for the event says:
In his inaugural lecture, Paul Burstow Professor of Health and Social Sciences will outline how the NHS is facing huge financial and workforce challenges against a background of rising and changing demand. 
NHS England’s Five Year Forward View makes the case for changing models of care to meet the 21st century health care challenges of multiple long term physical and mental health conditions, frailty and ageing. Incorporating a psychosocial perspective into the design and delivery and management of all healthcare services can make a significant contribution to meeting the £22 billion productivity challenge. 
If the NHS is to celebrate its 100th birthday its leader will have to move at pace, operate collaboratively and be driven by a common purpose. What would a psychologically minded NHS look and feel like, how would the adoption of a psychosocial approach help the NHS meet the challenges it faces?
This is a free event, but you are asked to book a place via that page.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how times change.

Back in the old days, universities would occasionally raise a wry smile by conferring honorary doctorates on politicians.

Now they appoint them as professors - apparently in all seriousness!

Phil Beesley said...

When Alf Dubs, former Labour MP for Battersea, lost his seat he signed on the dole with explanation for unemployment: "not enough votes".

Heads: you win a P45. Tails: you win a parliamentary pass.
Paul Burstow earned a degree at South Bank Polytechnic and worked as a graduate for KallKwik Printers. I don't think he had a silver spoon in mouth. City University reckon that ex-MP Burstow can inform them about health care politics. I wish success and knowledge to Paul and City University.

Anonymous said...

"Paul Burstow earned a degree at South Bank Polytechnic and worked as a graduate for KallKwik Printers"

As I said, it's amazing how times change. Traditionally, university professors would be expected to have an exceptional track record of academic research and/or teaching. The idea of appointing a university professor with no academic experience beyond a first degree would have been considered ludicrous only a decade or two ago.