Friday, November 06, 2015

Happy Birthday Richard Jefferies

On their way home they paused a moment under the great oak at the top of the Home Field, and looked back. The whole south burned with stars. There was a roar in the oak like the thunder of the sea. The sky was black, black as velvet, the black north had come down, and the stars shone and burned as if the wind reached and fanned them into flame, 
Large Sirius flashed; vast Orion strode the sky, lording the heavens with his sword. A scintillation rushed across from the zenith to the southern horizon. The black north held down the buds, but there was a force in them already that must push out in leaf as Arcturus rose in the East. Listening to the loud roar of the oak as the strength of the north wind filled them, 
"1 should like to go straight to the real great sea like the wind/,"said Mark. 
"We must go to the great sea," said Bevis. "Look at Orion!" 
The wind went seawards, and the stars are always over the ocean. 
Bevis: The Story of a Boy (1882)
Richard Jefferies was born at Coate Farm, Swindon, on 6 November 1848.

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