Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Liberal England in 2015, Part 3


These days I have caring responsibilities for my mother, so it is harder to get away. I did manage a few days in Canterbury this month, only to be derailed at Chilham by cows.

In other news, Tim Farron was elected as leader of the Liberal Democrats (with my help).

With attention turning to the Labour contest, I suspected that Dan Jarvis was benefiting from Kieron Dyer Syndrome.

And I suggested that the fault line between David Cameron and George Osborne runs through Eynsham Cricket Club.

I explored the remains of Leicester Central railway station, while an old film about Hemel Hempstead provided some unexpected connections to my childhood.


I travelled to Sheringham in Norfolk and back in a day to see The Lone Pine Club a play based on the children's books by this blog's hero Malcolm Saville.

I suggested five likely consequences of Jeremy Corbyn becoming Labour leader and posted evidence that the Liberal Party was all too award of the activities of Cyril Smith.

Posts on Reculver and Dungeness drew on my holiday snaps.

Most notable of all, the nation mourned Stephen Lewis.


Another Arts Fresco street theatre festival was held in Market Harborough.

The press tried to manufacture a row about the Glee Club at the Liberal Democrat Conference.

Eric Joyce won Twitter and a water main burst to spectacular effect in my old ward.

Apart from that it was all sport...

After Frank Tyson died I found some footage of him bowling at one of Northamptonshire's outgrounds,.

David Miliband invented cleverball and Lord Bonkers introduced us to the film 'Straight Outta Nick Compton' and the controversial song 'Fuck tha Selectors'.

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