Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Welcome to the new Liberal Democrat bloggers

Two new blogs appeared on the LibDemBlogs aggregator in November. Thanks to Ryan Cullen as ever for sending me the details.

John Rodgers devotes his blog to the Healey area of Rochdale and Lib Dem campaigns there:

The Pond is a little Jewel. It’s a lovely asset for the community but the Council needs to spend some money to sort the walkway round the pond as it’s very loose and possibly dangerous. The Geese seem to be having a good time though.

Swallow of Liberty, written by Ben Powell, has seen only three sporadic posts. Yet it has already quoted 'Me and the Farmer' by the Housemartins in the course of this post on agriculture:

Less than half the butter we eat in this country comes from UK milk and only a third of the cheese. We do however import 40,000 tonnes of cheddar even though you could hardly think of a more British product.

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