Saturday, December 05, 2015

The real enemy of the Corbynistas

Nick Cohen gets it right in the Observer tomorrow:
The Corbynites’ real enemies are not Tories, whom they rather respect for standing up for the interests of their class, but Labour MPs who fail to show the required radical virtue and betray the leftwing cause. 
They don’t mutter darkly that there will be “no hiding place” for Tory MPs who voted in favour of bombing Isis. They don’t scream that Conservative women are “witches” and “cows”. They don’t deliver death threats to David Cameron. 
Their virtuous hatred is righteously reserved for their own side and its ugliness will destroy the myth of leftwing decency more thoroughly than the right ever could.


Donnachadh McCarthy said...

Sure Jonathan - just as the poisonous pen of Nick Cohen got it right over Iraq......

Jonathan Calder said...

Nick Cohen was wrong about Iraq. But that does not mean he is automatically wrong about this.