Sunday, December 06, 2015

Small Faces: My Mind's Eye

This reached number 4 in the singles chart in 1966, though it was released by the Small Faces' manager Don Arden (Sharon Osborne's father) without their knowledge.

Alex Petridis wrote well about the song in the Guardian:
It is the Small Faces’ equivalent of the Beatles’ Rain, the acid initiate staring back at the “straight” world, but while John Lennon sneers from a position of enlightened superiority – “they might as well be dead” – Lane sounds warm and open-hearted, forgiving the people sniggering at his new-found spiritual leanings. The music on Rain sets out to disorientate, but My Mind’s Eye sounds oddly comforting and familiar, as if inviting the listener to join in ... 
Acid seemed to immediately strip the Small Faces of the preening machismo you can hear on their debut album. In its place came a brand of psychedelia that was charming and wry, devoid of self-importance, a veritable advert for the benefits of doing your crust in with LSD.

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