Thursday, December 10, 2015

Six of the Best 556

Mark Park shows how Stop the War airbrushed a conspiracy theory from its website.

"The long term trend of the decline of membership and support for political parties has, if anything, accelerated, and long standing loyalties to right or left have given way to a far more complicated political reality in which populist or even anti democratic voices are now being increasingly heard." Cicero's Songs on the crisis of conventional political parties.

"What to do with a broken ship full of explosives? That question has been debated off and on for the past seven decades, and the consensus has been to leave it alone, safer right where it is. So there the ship sits at the bottom of the estuary, the area around it cordoned off by buoys." Robkam on the wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery, which lies in the Thames Estuary.

California's third-largest city is a desert ghost town - Laura Bliss explains.

Martyn Barber and Edward Carpenter present some striking aerial photographs that reveal previously unsuspected archaeological sites.

Tiffany Imogen celebrates gifts from the hedgerow.

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