Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Byrds: Chestnut Mare

This has the Byrds' characteristic jingle-jangle sound and there turns out to be an interesting history behind it.

Chestnut Mare was written by Roger McGuinn and Jacques Levy for Gene Tryp, a proposed country rock musical based on Peer Gynt. That show never materialised and the song was included on the Byrds' Untitled album.

A shorter version made no. 19 in the UK singles chart early in 1971, though I am not convinced I remember hearing it from then,

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asquith said...

Yes, I like this one. I got into them because I'm a big Gram Parsons fan, but I came to appreciate Roger McGuinn's strength throughout the band's career.

I had an Iranian colleague in some voluntary work I once did, even though it was years ago, "Deportee" still brings to mind her treatment at the hands of UKBA. They do just have that knack for making sure their song is the one you're thinking of when you consider a subject.