Friday, December 04, 2015

Tory leader of Shropshire resigns from the council

The Shropshire Star reports:
Keith Barrow today resigned as both leader of Shropshire Council and as a councillor. 
Mr Barrow said he was stepping down as both council leader and councillor for Oswestry South "with immediate effect". 
In a statement, he said he was aware that "the people of Shropshire and my constituents are not getting all they can from me in terms of leadership of the council".
But the truth seems to be that Shropshire has been getting rather too much of Mr Barrow.

Andy Boddington, a Liberal Democrat councillor and blogger from Ludlow, tells us:
Complaints have been made and upheld through the council’s standards procedure. More have been submitted in the last few days. At least one complaint has been sent to West Mercia police for investigation. 
There has also been growing dissatisfaction over Keith Barrow’s leadership style, which has concentrated power with himself and a few lieutenants.
Do read the whole post. It is a good account of the damage that has been done by the 'modernisation' of local government in Shropshire and beyond.

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