Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Lord Bonkers called for Hilary Benn to be Labour leader in 2006

Hilary Benn's summing up for the opposition in the debate on Syria this evening was a triumph.

Its defence of liberal civilisation and emphasis on international cooperation are precisely what have been missing from the debate this week.

Many will see him as the Labour Party's king over the water and reason that only Jeremy Corbyn's vanity and three-pound Trots stand between them and a respectable result at the next election.

So let me point out that Lord Bonkers advised them to turn to Benn back in 2006:
A word of advice to the New Party: if you do succeed in tipping Blair out of the window, don’t replace him with that dour Brown fellow. Try someone younger and fresher like Tony Benn’s charming daughter Hilary or one of the Millipede brothers.

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Gawain said...

Impressive, and would have been more so if Lord B had not also effectively endorsed Ed Miliband. We know how that turned out...