Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bust of Charles Bradlaugh unveiled at Westminster

From the National Secular Society website, dated 2 November:
A newly commissioned portrait bust of Charles Bradlaugh has been unveiled in Portcullis House, at a reception attended by parliamentarians and members of the National Secular Society (NSS). 
Terry Sanderson, president of the NSS, said: "We're thrilled to have been instrumental in enabling this magnificent portrait bust of our founder Charles Bradlaugh at last to take his rightful place in the Palace of Westminster, and we thank all who donated to our fundraising efforts."
The portrait bust of Charles Bradlaugh was donated to the House of Commons by the National Secular Society, which Bradlaugh founded in 1866, and supported by very generous donations from our members and supporters.
The short BBC film above features the bust's sculptor, Suzie Zamit, talking about her creation.

For more about Bradlaugh, and a photo of his statue in the centre of Northampton, see a 2011 post on this blog.

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