Monday, November 21, 2016

Leicestershire hospitals to close with job losses possible

The Leicester Mercury reports:
Several community hospitals are to close along with a county birthing centre under radical plans to cut NHS costs across Leicestershire and Rutland. 
The sustainability and transformation plan (STP) published on Monday is aimed at slashing £400 million from the health budget over the next five years. 
It is estimated 1,500 hospital jobs will be lost by 2020 but the number of health workers in the community will go from 2,271 whole time posts to 2,505. 
The number of acute hospital beds will be slashed from the current 1,940 to 1,697 by 2020.


Unknown said...

Being a cynic,these cuts continue and then, low and behold. private companies appear..

Anonymous said...

The same is happening in Derbyshire. Why are we not hearing about this in the national media?

Basically they are selling off hospital sites and replacing qualified nursing staff with people taken off the street, given a day's training and paid a minimum wage. The only people who benefit are the private agencies.