Friday, November 11, 2016

Vince Cable is publishing "a brilliant page turner"

News from the Telegraph that Vince has yet another string to his bow:
He has been economist, senior politician and – rather unexpectedly – a ballroom dancer. 
And it seems Sir Vince Cable unlikely career trajectory is not finished yet, as he makes his first foray as a romantic novelist. 
Sir Vince, the former business secretary, has been signed up to write a "post-Brexit political thriller", weaving his experience in Westminster into the story of the blossoming lover between a British politician and the heir of an Indian arms manufacturer. 
The book, due out in June next year, is set in the near future following the "short-lived" rule of one Prime Minister Theresa May. 
It is currently being “tweaked” to incorporate a President Trump, after the original draft had him as a “sad, has-been” politician whose leadership battle had not paid off.
The Telegraph quotes Margaret Stead, publishing director of Atlantic who signed the book, as calling the novel "a brilliant page turner".

She describes it as
"a fast-paced geopolitical thriller [that] moves from the corridors of Westminster to the little-known world of the UK arms industry and the volatile Indo-Pakistan border."

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Unknown said...

How come this is coming from the Torygraph and not, lets say. The Independent or The I?