Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Zac Goldsmith is hit by his own car and loses his trousers

From the Evening Standard today:
Zac Goldsmith limped into the last hustings of the Richmond Park by-election an hour late after being struck by his own car. 
The former London mayoral candidate was not badly hurt but his trousers were “shredded” when a volunteer driving his car clipped him while they were out canvassing. 
The collision in New Malden happened as he was due on stage at the Richmond Society’s hustings - his last chance to debate publicly with his by-election rival, Liberal Democrat Sarah Olney. 
Arriving an hour late after going home to change, he said he was “so sorry” for missing the start of such an “extraordinarily important event”.
Like Tim Hall, I am reminded of Monty Python and the Upper Class Twit of the Year Show.

"And Oliver has run himself over. What a great twit!"

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