Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Full electrification of the Midland main line is now in doubt

There was a debate in the Commons today on the electrification of the Midland main line - the railway from St Pancras to Leiceter, Nottingham, Derby and Sheffield. And, most importantly, Market Harborough.

The transport minister Paul Maynard, says the Leicester Mercury, was clear that the line would be electrified as far as Kettering and Corby, but refused to confirm that the process would continue any further.

Instead he said:
"We are electrifying the line from St Pancras to Corby and Kettering to enable faster journeys for commuters on that route, and then we are continuing the development work as planned to ensure that we continue to improve services to Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield, as we laid out."
But it seems those improvements may not include electrification.

Today there also came news that the electrification of the Great Western line is to be delayed,

It is hard to resist the conclusion that HS2 is devouring the finance available to the railways and other lines are suffering as a result.

Much the same happened under Margaret Thatcher's government when the Channel Tunnel was being constructed.

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