Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Levi's Monkey Mike would do a better job than Liz Truss

I have just watched a repeat of Frank Skinner's documentary on George Formby, which featured an animation set to his song Levi's Monkey Mike.

You can view that animation on The George Formby Society website.

When it reached the final verses, I thought of Liz Truss:
Now once we had a parliament but it would never go
So they filled it up with animals out of a wild beast show.
The lion was prime minister, to swank he was disposed
They wanted a lord chancellor so somebody proposed 
Levi’s Monkey Mike and he proved quite a good ’un
He taxed the laces in our boot s and taxed our Christmas puddin'.
Now working men just give a cheer, we’re all right now, so never fear
Who's going to take the tax off beer? Levi’s Monkey Mike.

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