Sunday, November 27, 2016

Leyton Buzzards: Saturday Night (Beneath the Plastic Palm Trees)

The BBC's repeat of Top of the Pops from 1982 - or at least of those episodes that have not been Yewtreed - is one of the highlights of the week.

The show recently featured the forgettable Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White by Modern Romance.

But there was something notable about it, because Modern Romance evolved out of the far more interesting Leyton Buzzards  - a great band name for a start.

I was convinced that Saturday Night (Beneath the Plastic Palm Trees) had been a bit, but in fact it reached only no, 53 when it was released in 1979. It just shows how closely you follow the charts when you are a teenager.

Other teenage memories are evoked by the great couplet in Saturday Night:
I was cool drinking rum and black
And then felt sick on the journey back.
This is a reminder of the strange things we sometimes consumed before drinks aimed at teenagers came in early in the 1980s. Which was rather late for me.

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David Loxton said...

I got soaked right through in the pouring rain
But next week I'm going back again