Sunday, November 19, 2017

If I blog less often blame Richard Jefferies

I have started work on a short ebook on Richard Jefferies. Some of the writing will require visits that are now best left until the spring - Worthing, Surbiton, Swindon... Writing is a glamorous life.

So if I post on here a bit less often than has been my habit, I hope that is the reason. (Mind you, I notice this is my fourth post today and I have scheduled one from Lord Bonkers for tomorrow morning.)

There is also the sad fact that neither blogging nor the Liberal Democrats are what they were a decade ago. I have been thinking for a while that I cannot just go on for ever pretending things have not changed.

Quite what to do about it is less clear. Having more quality guest posts sounds a good idea. Beyond that I am not sure.

One thing I may do is finally join Facebook. I have felt for a long time that I should be there, if only to promote this blog.

I suppose I'm afraid a Facebook page might supersede the blog. After all, I was using Liberal England like a Facebook page before Facebook was invented.

And then there is the fact that Facebook is clearly Satan's picture book.

Still, things change. I started writing this blog to promote Lord Bonkers' website - and that vanished years ago, by which time the blog had become far more important to me and my readers.

Nothing may come of all this, but if I blog less often in future, I hope it will be Richard Jefferies' fault.

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