Thursday, November 09, 2017

Six of the Best 741

It's not clear that the government's 58 Brexit impact studies even exist. But if they do, would it be right for someone to leak them? Maria Farrell concludes that it would.

Mary Bousted says "teachers will only have real autonomy when the government allows them to say no to the latest stupid fad".

"My latest work has focused on the stories of the female heroes of World War I. They weren’t fighting on the battlefield but their contributions at home and abroad were nothing short of incredible." Lauren O'Hagan uses the inscriptions people left in books as a way into history.

Mike Allen talks to Sean Parker, the found president of Facebook, about how social networks exploit human psychology.

Digital Forensic Research Lab offers us 12 ways of spotting a fake Twitter account.

Fragement of Fear, a really good paranoid thriller has appeared on Blu-ray. Kultguy's Keep approves: "It does hold your gaze and interest throughout – thanks to Ossie Morris’ noirish cinematography - that makes atmospheric use of the Pompeii and London locations, and [David] Hemmings’ genuinely convincing performance as the former-junkie battling to hold his own."

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