Monday, November 06, 2017

Vince Cable was naughtier than Theresa May

The Boar, a student newspaper from the University of Warwick, has an interview with Vince Cable.

It ends as follows:
Finally, I asked the party leader about the naughtiest thing he had done as a student, to which he replied: “Well, I did quite a lot of naughty things, unlike Theresa May. 
"I wrote a personal biography called Free Radical in which I described an episode in my youth where I discovered an air rifle in the wardrobe and started playing Second World War snipers with my friend, aiming the air rifles at the windows of all our neighbours. We caused quite a lot of damage and eventually I was holed up in a police station and given a bit of a rollicking. So I think that was one of several escapades in my teens.”

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