Monday, November 27, 2017

Six of the Best 746

"The problem with a strategy of invalidating the referendum is that it looks to most people like an attempt to cheat or win on a technicality. It’s not a political win, where you persuade people by the strength of your ideas but a dirty one, where you manage to rig the system to your advantage." Nick Barlow says that if we’re going to stop Brexit, then we have to stop refighting the referendum.

Mark Mills explains how he became a reluctant monarchist.

The perennial interest in the Jack the Ripper murders represents the commodification of sexual violence, argues Caroline Jones.

"Even in the cosy toytown idyll of The Village, a subterranean army of faceless minions monitor our every move, brainwashing us into being model citizens and quiescent consumers." Stephen Dalton presents six ways the Sixties cult show The Prisoner prepared us for the modern world.

The loss of a newsagent's shop is mourned by A London Inheritance.

Nick Barnett proves that cats played a key role in the first world war.

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