Sunday, November 26, 2017

Jason Zadrozny: "Clearing my name has taken almost every penny I had"

Last month Jason Zadrozny, the Liberal Democrat who almost won Ashfield from Labour at the 2010 general election, was cleared of all charges of child sex abuse.

Today he is interviewed in the Mail on Sunday. He tells them:
"My life has been changed beyond recognition,’ he told The Mail on Sunday. ‘I never go shopping now until late at night, when I know the supermarkets will be empty. 
"I can be walking down the high street and someone will confront me and call me a paedophile. 
"I'm broke. Clearing my name has taken almost every penny I had. And I lost my chance to represent the area where I grew up in Parliament."  ... 
"The elation of being found innocent has gone ... When the furore was still raging, at least I had a focus. Now I’m left trying to pick up the threads of my life, but it’s sinking in what I’ve lost. In every way, I feel bereaved."
The newspaper also reveals that:
Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceLocal journalists have told The Mail on Sunday that news of Mr Zadrozny’s arrest was deliberately leaked to them the next day by an unknown Labour Party source and a senior, unnamed, police officer – so ensuring that it attracted maximum publicity.

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