Thursday, November 23, 2017

Wheat Street saw Leicester's slums come and go

Wheat Street is a canyon between two old factories closed off by modern units. But it is older than the many 19th century streets that once surrounded it and have now gone without trace.

Because Wheat Street, which was once much longer, marked the northern extent of Barker’s Ground - the celebrated cricket ground that vanished under the new houses in 1860.

Later. Leicester Through Time by Stephen Butt says that the two factories belonged William Raven & Co.:
Politically, Raven was a Liberal and he was also a Unitarian. From humble beginnings he created a business, which by the time of the First World War was employing 1,000 people. The company continued trading until the 1960s under the 'Ravena' and 'Craftana' brand names.
When I was in Wheat Street on Saturday I met someone who told me that his mother had worked in these factories.

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