Sunday, November 12, 2017

Six of the Best 742

Caron Lindsay writes on the motion in favour of gender-neutral school uniform passed by the Scottish Liberal Democrats yesterday, She reproduces the speech proposing it by 15-year-old Jess Insall.

Caroline Criado-Perez explains why women need to be seen and heard in public spaces.

"There is a certain type of woman popping up on the media all gung ho style and jolly hockey stick japes to tout a version of female machismo which, apparently, all women ought to have adopted or should adopt to fend off male harassment." Jane Chelliah says that adopting such an attitude to male harrassment is akin to being an apologist for it.

Ryan Holiday on the life-changing magic of taking long walks.

Get Carter, the great Newcastle film, was based on a novel set in Hull. Nick Triplow remembers its author: "Ted Lewis may well be one of the most influential writers you’ve never heard of. His best work centred on places he knew well: Scunthorpe; Barton; Hull; and the bleak Lincolnshire coast."

"If you don't go in with the wrong expectations, The Hellfire Club is an enjoyable enough swashbuckler. If you're in search of chills, look elsewhere." Richard Phillips-Jones has some notes on a 1961 British film - just the sort BBC1 used to show in the evening when I was a boy.

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