Saturday, November 04, 2017

Yorkshire Post columnist says Labour will avoid a Sheffield Hallam by-election at all costs

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In a discursive political column for the Yorkshire Post, Tom Richmond touches upon Jared O'Mara and Sheffield Hallam.

After noting how little O'Mara has done at Westminster, Richmond writes:
I’m still to be convinced that Labour will do the right thing and fire O’Mara. There’s nothing to stop him claiming an MP’s salary for the rest of the Parliament as an independent. 
For, if there was a by-election, the key issue would not be O’Mara’s record or Brexit in this pro-EU area, but Labour-controlled Sheffield Council’s mismanagement of a key contract that has led to the mass felling of trees in the so-called ‘outdoor city’.
Later. If there is a Sheffield Hallam by-election the Liberal Democrat candidate will be Laura Gordon, who was selected by the constituency party yesterday evening.


Unknown said...

If O'Mara stays as an independent MP who will Labour pick to campaign against him? Whatch this space.
Laura. Is she going to go straight onto the offensive and get new members and volunteers set up to fight both Local and national elections?

Piginthepoke said...

Time to make some noise and steal a march on O'Mara and Labour