Tuesday, January 01, 2019

A relic of Market Harborough Urban District Council

Market Harborough Urban District Council disappeared in 1974 when Harborough District Council was formed. So I wouldn't recommend using this letterbox, which I photographed this afternoon.

The town has lacked its own democratic body since 1974, when Market Harborough Rural District, Billesdon Rural District and Lutterworth Rural District also disappeared.

Market Harborough was a victim of the Conservatives' belief that larger authorities would be more efficient and cheaper to run.

Now some Tories want to abolish Harborough District Council and run everything from County Hall in distant Glenfield.

Obsession with size and centralisation is best left to the Labour Party. As so often, the problem witht he modern Conservative Party is that it is not Conservative enough.


Phil Beesley said...

Can you tell us how the letter box is being "preserved"? Make a better guess at what it once looked like?

The flap looks like it was japanned, the way that it has been worn by fingers

The frame of the letter box looks like -- I dunno. It was once black, I guess, so japanned. The craftsman who fitted it to the wall aligned the screw heads and somebody tightened them up or replaced them years later.

Somebody made effort creating the white letters. It cost a lot of money to make that letter box.

The plastic cover over the letter box shows how easy it is to destroy things accidentally.

David Warren said...

When I lived in the Calcot ward of West Berkshire during the 1980s we still had some street signs on the estate with Bradfield Rural District Council on them.

I wouldn't be surprised if they are still there!