Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Six of the Best 846

Iain Dale has collated a collection of Liberal Party and Liberal Democrat party political broadcasts. It begins in 1955 with John Arlott, Frank Byers and Herbert Samuel.

Cheryl Misak looks at the influence of Frank Ramsey on Ludwig Wittgenstein, whose work he translated into English. The older brother of Michael Ramsey, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Frank made many important contributions in philosophy, mathematics and economics before his death aged 26.

London was once a city of horses, says Alex Cochrane : "Humans lived cheek by jowl with the 300,000 horses of cabmen, traders, laundrymen, grocers and rag-and-bone men. You can see the traces of that time everywhere: old stone drinking troughs, hidden cobbled mews, mounting blocks, slips and ramps."

Nicolas Roeg was not a born filmmaker argues Brad Gullickson, but put in the work.

Franki Berry catches up with The Zombies.

Adric is not warmly remembered by many Doctor Who fans, but Nicholas Whyte enjoyed Matthew Waterhouse's book Blue Box Boy.

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