Monday, January 28, 2019

Rediscovering the Cambridge to Kettering line

In the 1970s you could still see the junction where this line joined the Midland main line a couple of Kettering.

But Wikipedia says that the last train to use the line between there and the ironstone workings at Twywell ran in 1971.

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Simon said...

Well I don’t know about any of the line west of St Ives, but I now live in Histon. The station is currently being refurbished as a developer has been given permission to turn the upper stories into flats, but the planning permision has been given on the basis that the ground floor will be turned into a cafe, which I am looking forward to very much if it actually happens. The restored railway hut, the ‘crossing keepers hut’ as it is known, is where Father Christmas gives out his presents to the village children, the rest of the year it just stands as a rather atractive folly in the woods.

The film somewhat gives the impression that the old station at Oakington is being uncared for with its grafitti. However, I suspect it may be another production by our local grafitti granny ( who does wonderful designes under the bridges that brighten up my daily commute. Sadly I am yet to meet the lady, but having only been in the village for six months I live in hope.