Saturday, January 12, 2019

Back to Bottesford station

When I posted a video about Bottesford station (the least used station in Leicestershire) the other day, I said I would also post my own photos of it. And here they are.

For the most part it is uninteresting, even though the station house survives, with bus shelters and a recently installed footbridge.

But it does have staggered platforms and a derelict house that must once have accommodated the keeper of its level crossing.

I also recommend the path from the station to the village church.


Phil Beesley said...

"You must call the
signaller if you are in a
wheelchair, on a mobility
scooter, using a
pushchair or are likely to
experience difficulty in

Those are the words on the modern sign. The typeface is standard face for British railways. The message is a long one. The man or woman who designed the sign made a big effort to make it clear that you were expected to cross the railway safely, whoever you are.

Down the road for factory buildings:
"spence" "Network Rail"
"Keep out" "Dangerous Building".

Anybody who sells you such a lousy sign thought that you were an idiot. They might have been dangerous buildings. But who is more dangerous?

Phil Beesley said...

Another sign, mostly ignored I suspect:

"Persons in charge
of animals, phone
crossing operator
before crossing."

A 1950s style sign, bright red with white type:

Do not trespass
on the Railway
Penalty £1000"

If, after observing the first sign, I still had my family of llamas, I know where I'd prefer them to defecate.