Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Sun says the Lib Dems have offered to back Theresa May's Brexit deal if she holds a referendum on it

The Sun claims an exclusive this evening. It "can reveal" that:
the Lib Dems’ 12 MPs are now looking at backing the PM’s Brexit deal on the proviso that she hold an In/Out referendum over it. 
The option emerged after its leader Sir Vince Cable saw Theresa May to discuss the crisis in No. 10. 
A senior Lib Dem MP told The Sun: “There is a conversation going on and a range of views in the party, and that is one option we’re looking at”.
There are two immediate problems with this.

The first is that, given the huge Commons majority against Theresa May's deal, the support of the Lib Dem MPs is neither here nor there.

The second is that it would presumably put us in the position of voting for the deal in the Commons and then campaigning against it in the referendum. That is a possible approach, but it will not do much for our reputation for consistency.

Tory Leavers, of course, was explode at the prospect of a referendum where the choice was between May's deal and staying in the EU.

That is an enticing prospect, but to go down this route would be a remarkable reversal of May's approach until now.

All in all, it sounds as though Vince Cable has made her an offer she can's accept.

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