Sunday, January 06, 2019

Six of the Best 841

Tory Leave politicians have put pressure on the BBC. Alex Spence has the leaked WhatsApp messages that prove it.

"The man who sold you Brexit says you are poor because you have inferior genes and brains, and better education won’t change that." Forget Benedict Cumberbatch and study the real Dominic Cummings, says Will Black.

Rutger Bregman argues that a shorter working week could help reduce accidents, combat climate change, make the genders more equal and more.

New York’s empty shops are a dark omen for the future of all cities, argues Derek Thompson.

"In 1953 her luck changed when she appeared in the charming comedy Genevieve about the annual London-to-Brighton vintage car race. The film, a huge hit in the UK, showcased her perfect comic timing not least in the very funny dancehall scene where she joins the band and, much to the surprise of her friends (and the band), plays a brilliant jazz trumpet." Rob Baker believes the British film industry never made the most of Kay Kendall's talents.

On An Overgrown Path reviews classical music in 2018.

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Mark Pack said...

Thanks for doing these - the content is usually very different from my own normal reading and there are some real gems as a result that I'd have missed but love reading thanks to your lists. May they keep going all this year too!