Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Join Charles I at his well near Tur Langton on Saturday

If you are at a loose end Saturday lunchtime, come to The Crown in Tur Langton, near Market Harborough, at 12.30 and meet Charles I.

After a bracer, I shall be taking him back to the well he last visited in 1645 as he fled his defeat at Naseby.

Dan Martin in the Leicester Mercury explains:
Expect a curious sight on Saturday – King Charles I in all his finery stumbling through a Leicestershire field to find a little known landmark. 
Dance DJ and musician Daniel Williams is heading to Tur Langton in the guise of the Stuart monarch, who lost both his crown and his head after the English Civil War. 
The 41-year-old, from the West Midlands, has recreated the king in an attempt to fire people’s imaginations and interest in history as he tours the country visiting significant places Charles visited during his reign from 1625 to 1649.
You may remember I photographed King Charles's Well back in October.

You can read more about King Charles I Return on his website..

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