Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Layla Moran: Call the Trump blimp guy

It's good to see Layla Moran getting a substantial quote in the Daily Mirror story about a proposed Donald Trump visit to Britain early this year.

And she is sound on the subject:
Demonstrators in July flew a Trump "baby blimp" over Parliament Square – and Lib Dem frontbencher Layla Moran said it was time to "call the Trump blimp guy and tell him to take the covers off". 
She added: "Trump was not welcome in 2018 and he remains unwelcome in 2019. 
"While we all agree America is our friend, we must also remember most Americans did not vote for Trump and his record in office as during his campaign is abysmal. 
"To roll out the red carpet for such a misogynist egomaniac send entirely the wrong message."

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