Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Lib Dems fear a slump in donations

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Just to cheer you up, here is a report from Business Insider:
The Liberal Democrats are worried about a potential exodus of financial backers, after a number of donors withdrew their support to get behind the new anti-Brexit Independent Group of MPs. ... 
Following their departure, Charlie Mullins, the anti-Brexit owner of Pimlico Plumbers, confirmed that he intends to support TIG after previously donating £25,000 to the Sir Vince Cable-led Liberal Democrats in 2018. 
Multiple sources have told Business Insider that other major donors are either holding back funds from the Lib Dems, or have already walked away from the party to pump money into TIG.
There is a crumb of comfort lower down the page in the shape of the inevitable "Lib Dem insider", who claims that the party has enjoyed "a mini-surge in new members over the last week".

But the report's claim that
Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceThe Lib Dems have also been buoyed by the lack of their own MPs walking out and joining TIG.
is setting the bar a little low.

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