Sunday, February 03, 2019

Prince Buster: Madness

Prince Buster's real name, rather wonderfully, was Cecil Bustamente Campbell.

He had an enormous influence on the development of ska, rocksteady and reggae in Jamaica, and those styles are now part of the global musical palate.

The British band Madness took its name from this band and their first single was a tribute to Prince Buster with a cover of this on the B-side.

They later had a hit with another of his songs: One Step Beyond.


nigel hunter said...

I liked Prince Busters Al Capone .It got me interested in Ska. As they say,the rest is history.

Left Lib said...

This song by the Prince "Hard Man Fe Dead" is my favourite. It is about a "Hard Man" who has been left for dead many times but still he rises up again;

Frank Little said...

Is there a political connection? I seem to recall a Jamaican PM with the surname Bustamente.

Jonathan Calder said...

According to Wikipedia, he was named after the politician.