Wednesday, February 06, 2019

The new Liberator is out - become a subscriber

The new Liberator is with subscribers and carries a selection of tributes to Paddy Ashdown

You can find a couple of articles from it - one by Tony Greaves and another giving views of Brexit Britain from abroad - on the magazine's website.

I have contributed an article-length review of Jonathan Coe's Middle England and, of course, Lord Bonkers has sent in his latest diary.

If you turn to Radical Bulletin, the magazine's gossip and inside news section, you will read about the runners and riders to succeed Sal Brinton as party president.

Then there's Your Liberal Britain's decision to uncouple itself from the party and the attempts to thwart openness about what is discussed at Federal Board.

Can you afford to miss out on all this? Subscribe to Liberator.

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