Sunday, February 24, 2019

Willie Rennie talks up chance of other MSPs joining the Lib Dems

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In his speech to the Scottish Liberal Democrats' conference yesterday, their leader Willie Rennie said:
"I offer the hand of friendship to those who believe our country can do better than this. People who have given up on the Conservative and Labour leaderships. People who are craving change. 
"Leaving your party after many years is hard. It is a risk. I get that. To those in parliament and across the country who have taken those first, bold steps I am full of admiration. To those in Scotland yet to decide – you know who you are."
A report in The Herald gives a clearer of idea of what he had in mind:
In an interview with The Herald on Sunday, Rennie said he had spoken to MSPs and tried to "understand some of the trials they have been through with their party". 
He said: "I have asked if they would like to join us. They, quite rightly, have been very cautious."
Asked if he believed there would be MSP defections, Rennie said: "There is a real possibility that it could happen. A real possibility. I hope it happens. I don’t want to put pressure on people."
But just when the paper was getting somewhere:
The Herald on Sunday asked whether he would welcome a named MSP to his party, but he changed the subject.

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