Thursday, February 07, 2019

Six of the Best 849

Populists like to blame elites, but from Israel to Britain to the United States their crusade against hardworking civil servants is undermining the foundations of democracy, argues Shalom Lipner.

A creeping trend of anti-immigrant educational material is worming its way into the curriculum, portraying EU migrants as outsiders and criminals, says Tanja Bueltmann,

Gary Younge is right to be critical of Liam Neeson: "Neeson is angry and upset and decides to invest his rage in the collective punishment of a group of people based on the colour of their skin. It is perhaps now clearer to some why the early 21st century needed a movement called Black Lives Matter."

Simon Sherry and Martin M. Smith discuss what they learnt from their study of perfectionism: "This epidemic of perfectionism in modern western societies is a serious, even deadly, problem. Perfectionism is robustly linked in the research to anxiety, stress, depression, eating disorders and suicide."

Writing for the Conservative site Bright Blue, Tom Chapman defends the 1998 Human Right Act,

Tom Holland on what he learnt from Ladybird Books and L. du Garde Peach.

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