Monday, February 04, 2019

Shropshire Star under attack for its coverage of Daniel Kawczynski

My favourite newspaper has been getting it in the neck.

The Shropshire Star's report on Daniel Kawcynski's lie about Marshall Aid has been attacked on Twitter all day for its failure to say that the MP was wrong.

That report has been updated at least once today and now contains both a quote from a history lecturer contradicting Kawczynski and a link to the interview where he put the phone down rather than defend himself.

But it's all still a bit BBC - reporting the row rather than stating the truth and balancing the views of an expert with those of an idiot.

Come on Shropshire Star, you are better than this.

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Colin Taylor said...

Jonathon, as a blow in to Shropshire on a temporary basis 43 years ago I can tell you that the Star is a " leavers rag " and rejected objective journalism years ago. They rarely put any thing into print that criticises any thing Conservative , hence they are letting the plank DK get away with his stupidity.