Tuesday, February 05, 2019

These are Jeremy Corbyn's real views on the European Union

I blogged last week:
Jeremy Corbyn is, as he has always been, opposed to British membership of the European Union.
If you doubted me, have a look at the video above.

It's not just that Corbyn clearly has no time for the EU: it's that his conspiracist views have more in common with those of Nigel Farage than they do with the Labour's mainstream or with the liberally minded young voters who turned to him at the last election.

I don't blame them for being deceived. As I wrote in the same post, you have to be pushing 60 to remember when the Labour left was last a force.

I do blame Corbyn for deceiving them.

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Mickft said...

It is all. very well unearthing these stories, but Corbynistas just won't believe it. They will rail against the fake videos that the evil Tories are producing.