Thursday, February 21, 2019

Tory PCC hopeful is an expert on ghosts as well as aliens

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I regard myself as a Fortean - happy in general to accept that "there are more things in heaven and earth...", but distinctly sceptical in individual cases.

Recently I came across a podcast called The Unexplained, which is introduced by a smooth professional broadcaster called Howard Hughes who has an obvious interest in such matters.

Some of the episodes are really good. I recommend one on the death of Dr David Kelly with the journalist Miles Goslett and the most recent one, which looks at the D.B. Cooper plane hijacking in the US.

There are also interviews with David Icke - I have passed on those.

But what do we find if we skim through the other episodes?

Step forward Rupert Matthews, would be police and crime commissioner for Leicestershire and Rutland and believer in UFOs and aliens.

In one episode Matthews talks to Hughes about the ghosts of Hampton Court and Surrey in general.

He comes over rather well and I like his theory that talk of a ghost can be a way of keeping a horrific crime alive in local memory.

But he does sound mighty sure that ghosts exist.

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