Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Tory expert on UFOs and the paranormal, Rupert Matthews, finally makes it to the European parliament

Back at the end of 2011, Roger Helmer was still a Conservative MEP. He was minded to retire from the European parliament, but wanted assurances that the first unelected candidate on the party's East Midlands list at the 2009 Euro elections would be appointed in his place.

This brought that candidate, Rupert Matthews, blinking into the light.

It turned out that Matthews was an author and publisher, and that among whose interests were the ghosts and UFOs. Nothing wrong with that - I have labels for ghosts and UFOs on this blog.

But it also transpired that something called the International Metaphysical University was describing Matthews as one of their professors - you can see him in action in the video above - and that he was on record as saying that
"The evidence for UFOs and for the humanoid creatures linked to them is pretty compelling. However, most of the evidence that suggests some sort of global threat is a lot less convincing. It rests on dubious testimony or simply does not mesh with the mass of evidence about UFOs available elsewhere."
Though, judging by the searches that brought Conservative Central Office to this blog, it was Matthews' publication of a book with this charming cover that spooked them.

Whatever the reason, Tory high command declined to give Roger Helmer the assurances he sought. So he stayed in the European parliament but left the party and joined Ukip.

Then the 2014 Euro elections took place and Matthews was again the first unelected candidate on the Conservative list.

At last month's general election one of the Conservative MEPs for the East Midlands, Andrew Lewer, was elected MP for Northampton South and resigned from the European parliament.

Today it was announced that Rupert Matthews will take his place at the European parliament.

His views on Europe make his paranormal investigations sound sensible. So he should fit in with the group very well.

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Ian Osborne said...

Matthews was a Councillor in Royal Borough of Kingston and was a red waistcoat wearing fogie even in his 20s, a buffoon and a self important little s**t

The Tory councillors wore ermin trimmed robes to full council meetings and had ceremonial tri Ron hats for special occasions, Within weeks of his election he turned up at an opening of a shop in Kingston town centre wearing his robes and hat, much to the annoyance of the Tory Mayor Peter Gray who felt underdressed wearing only a suit and his chain of office!