Sunday, July 23, 2017

Thompson Twins: You Take Me Up

Another song from the reruns of Top of the Pops.

This was a hit in 1984, and sounds much better today than I had remembered.

But I still don't believe the Thompson Twins know what it means to work hard on machines.

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David Bertram said...

This album (Into The Gap) was always a guilty pleasure of mine - this; Doctor, Doctor; Storm on the Sea; The Gap; Hold Me Now; Who Can Stop The Rain....though the first track I became aware of of theirs was the catchy Love On Your Side.

I kept this liking under wraps because I assumed they were terminally unhip. However a visit to the Allmusic review reveals that the critics were also impressed:

"a classic as far as '80s new wave pop is concerned. Nearly every song on this set differed from the others, with each track taking the listener on a different musical journey....(the) Thompson Twins were quiet visionaries, blending intelligent lyrics, Eastern sensibilities, and new wave pop to create a wholly unique and unforgettable listening experience and an album that ranks as one of the '80s' most unique."